4S1F11 Things to Pay Attention to While Traveling Abroad


Going abroad can help a traveler widen his or her viewpoint of the world by giving the person a personal relationship with the location and the people encountered. However, when planning to travel overseas there are steps that need to be taken to ensure the traveler’s safety and wellbeing.

In this podcast I offer a few tips to assist anyone from anywhere in their preparations before and during a journey abroad.  Many of the points I raise can be called common sense. No matter where you plan to travel, following these steps can help keep you safe and your trip a memorable one.

4S1F10 Learn about expat life in Finland with Steve, Ken and Guillermo of techxpatspodcast.com

                                                  Hosts of the tech podcast: TechXpatspodcast.com

                                                  Hosts of the tech podcast: TechXpatspodcast.com

Steve Penny

Steve Penny

Ken Lampinen

Ken Lampinen

Guillermo Ferri

Guillermo Ferri

When people talk about Finland, most of the time they describe a place flanked with historical architecture, monuments and fields of grass.  Within this background three expats from Britain, America and Spain now call Finland their home.  Steve, Ken and Guillermo, the three host of the podcast “TechXpatspodcast.com”, sit down for a chat with our host, James Thomas, and share their connections and reasons for calling Finland home.

4S1F9 Interview with American expat language consultant Erik Lahdekorpi

Erik Lahdekorpi of http://www.eng.coach

Erik Lahdekorpi of http://www.eng.coach

Tune in and join us as we interview American expat Erik Lahdekorpi. Erik has been all over the world experiencing life overseas. He has interesting stories and antidotes to share about his times living abroad. Erik is not only an adventurer, but also a well established English language consultant. His service has helped many professionals get a secure foothold on the English language.

Erik Lahdekorpi Professional English Services:    http://www.eng.coach

A few years ago a friend of Erik had an experience that changed his life...he:

1. Is American
2. Lived in Iran for 2.5 years
3. Has made a photojournal to document his experience

If this would interest someone you know please share his Indiegogo campaign:


His incredible experience needs to be shared and will give you a chance to look into what Iran is really like.

Check it out:

Taipei Language Cafe

Click on image for more information:

4S1F8 Leaving an EFL Job Gracefully After You’ve Been Screwed Over

Ms. Katy Kessinger (anamericanintaipei.com)

Ms. Katy Kessinger (anamericanintaipei.com)

A longtime friend on Facebook sent me a link from a blog (http://anamericanintaipei.com) that had the flashing title “Leaving an EFL Job Gracefully After You’ve Been Screwed Over”. I found this to be an interesting title as well as a topic of interest to many expats employed abroad. I contacted the Webmaster and author of the mentioned article, Ms. Katy Kessinger, to chat with her about her blog post. Let's listen to her experiences living overseas as well as how she handles a problem at the workplace.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic.

4S1F6 Are you suitable for living abroad?

For a variety of different reasons, many people think about moving or living long-term in another country. Of course, people thinking like this should know that they might need time to adapt. Learning to co-exist in a country with people of different cultural characteristics, language, cuisines, religions, moral values, ethics and others on a daily basis may not be a skill some of us can obtain. If you are steadfast and determined to living a life abroad, be prepared to make a checklist of why you are suitable for living abroad. Explore your reason for wanting to live abroad with James.

4S1F5 Americans Trends in Studying Abroad

This isn’t new news. In fact, maybe it’s a trend.  More and more students are leaving the US to study abroad. Nothing new about this fact, but the point to mention is less than 10% of American students today choose to study abroad and there are several reasons why this is so. This low rate of increase is far behind the rates of students seeking an overseas learning experience in the US from other countries...

Institute of International Education (IIE):

 Demand for Study Overseas by American Students and Employers


The Value of International Education to U.S. Business and Industry Leaders (2009):


Please share your comments below... 

4S1F3 Work Permit and the Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC)

This episode was quickly patched together while in the middle of Super Typhoon Soudelor (8/8/2015). I wanted to get this episode out before the heavy part of the storm hit the island and as a result a lot of tongue twisting occurred.

 In this episode I present a very brief overview of getting a Taiwan work permit and an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC).

I would also like to make a correction. I referred to the Taiwan National Immigration Agency (NIA) as the National Immigration Association more than a few times in this episode, which isn’t the correct title of the NIA.