4S1F22 Jonathan Rollins: Keep an Open Mind

We are glad to have American expat Mr. Jonathan Rollins as a guest on the show. Now, living and working in Sweden, Jonathan is also married to a wonderful Swedish lady and they have a young little (1.5 year old) boy bouncing around the house. I learnt about Jonathan through a blog post he wrote about gun control in the US. His viewpoint of his home from abroad prompted me to track him down for a chat. As it turns out, Jonathan has an interesting story about how he ended up in Sweden and to top things off he is also a podcast co-host of a popular Swedish podcast! He podcasts in English mixed with Swedish! Very cool! And that’s not all! Jonathan is also a comedian! You just can’t get better than this! Join us for this memorable podcast!


Expat Jon Take on the World (well…, Sweden)

Jonathan’s “My Stance On Guns

The Power Meeting Podcast

The Power Meeting Podcast