4S1F9 Interview with American expat language consultant Erik Lahdekorpi

Tune in and join us as we interview American expat Erik Lahdekorpi. Erik has been all over the world experiencing life overseas. He has interesting stories and antidotes to share about his times living abroad. Erik is not only an adventurer, but also a well established English language consultant. His service has helped many professionals get a secure foothold on the English language.

Erik Lahdekorpi Professional English Services:    http://www.eng.coach

A few years ago a friend of Erik had an experience that changed his life...he:

1. Is American
2. Lived in Iran for 2.5 years
3. Has made a photojournal to document his experience

If this would interest someone you know please share his Indiegogo campaign:


His incredible experience needs to be shared and will give you a chance to look into what Iran is really like.

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