4S1F26: The Ups and Downs of a Long-Distance Relationship

The ups and downs of along-distance relationship:

First of all, let me be clear and stress that I’m not an expert on relationships. However, I think that I’ve been around long enough to understand what most people go through in a long-distant relationships. So, with this in mind, let’s open the door wide and let it be known that being in a long distance relationship can be challenging. There are many reasons why partners have to live far apart from one another and that can include things like studying abroad and work opportunities that requires one or both parties to be in different parts of the world. This shouldn't be a barrier though. Even under normal circumstances, relationships face many challenges and it is up to the partners to work as a cohesive team to overcome them.

Long-distance relationships require that both partners be patient and trust one another throughout.

There should not be any suspicions but we are human and sometimes our minds do wonder.

Partners will have to decide that they have to wait for the time both of them can be together again. Commitment from both parties is required. Simply stated, in order for a relationship to survive and despite the fact of being far apart, partners need to re-think about their ability to stay committed while they are physically absent from one another.

Apart from partners not being together due to the distance, there is nothing strange about long distance relationships. When in a long distance relationship, each party must spend a great deal of time missing the other. Wondering what the other partner could be doing each moment of the day can be a nerve-racking experience for some people. We are human and there are times that both parties will start pondering over a list of what if's. This is when both parties must work through the challenges and obstacles causing such thoughts to manifest. After all, the distance puts to test the devotion both parties have for one another. So, when they finally do reunite, all of the struggles and challenges hopefully will fade away.

The following are five tips to deal with the ups and downs of a long-distance relationship.

1. Have mutual positive feelings: 

The most important thing is that both parties involved in a long distance relationship must have positive mutual feelings toward each other. When this type of mindset is kept, conflicts that threaten the relationship will have lesser impact.

2. Strong commitment:

Commitment from both parties is absolutely essential. Both individuals must be clearly committed to one another so that their bond can remain strong despite the distance between them. Partners will have to work through the obstacles that may arise. If one person involved isn’t able or willing to be completely committed, apprehensions will arise.

3. Have faith and trust:

Partners must also have faith and trust in one another. Some people in this situation may find themselves becoming weary as a result of the distance. One partner may start experiencing stress as a result of thinking about what the other partner is thinking or doing. This may not be healthy or conducive to the relationship. If both parties trust each other and have fullfaith in their relationship, the distance will not hinder them from finally reuniting and having a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

4. Communication:

Contact each other as often as time and responsibilities permits. This doesn't mean that partners would have to call each other hourly or even daily. This means that they should set up a schedule that they both can follow and adjust if needed.  Internet telephonic communication programs like Skype and FaceTime are good examples of the tools that can be used to maintain communication.

5. Be Mature:

Both parties must, above all, be mature when dealing with issues that arise during their long distance courtship. When one or both parties display childish behavior, their relationship will not succeed. The relationship that has already been built will simply falter.

In Conclusion:

What I have detailed isn’t the ultimate comprehensive guide to keep a long-distance relationship going smoothly. Any relationship spanning long distances will have bumps to go over or around and this even goes for many non-romantic/platonic relationships. The key is to keep a realistic and clear head of what you and the other party hope to obtain in the relationship.