4S1F31 Tom Heberlein: More Choices and The Myth of Paying High Swedish Taxes.

In this episode, we do some myth busting about the value of paying collective taxes. We see how an American expat learnt to appreciate something about his host nation that would raise eyebrows and receive loads of criticism back home. It is often very hard for an expat to communicate the way other people in different parts of the world are living and how the particular system they live under would be of some good use elsewhere.


Tom Heberlein is a retired environmental sociologist professor from Wisconsin now living with his wife in Stockholm, Sweden. Tom explains how he fell in love with Sweden. He also explains why the myth and mystery of paying high taxes in Sweden is misinterpreted buy many Americans. Tom also takes the time to explain step-by-step why logical and fair tax paying is better for the collective community.     

     Six Reasons Why to appreciate Swedish Taxes: 

  1. Swedish income taxes aren’t much higher than US taxes. Also taxes in Sweden provide universal medical and education. 
  2. Tax forms are simple. In fact, Swedish tax forms come already filled out!
  3. There is NO property tax.
  4. Sales taxes in Sweden are higher but far less noticeable and included in a sale.
  5. People who pay taxes in Sweden are given a cash return instead of hard to calculate deductions.
  6. Slightly higher taxes in Sweden give tax payers more choices and, in turn, freedoms.


I’m an American Living inSweden. Here’s why I came to embrace the higher taxes.

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