Welcome To Our First Online Expats Roundtable - ERT1

In this opening episode we have, besides our sleepy moderator, three wonderful expats.

Expats Roundtable Participants:

• American expat Inez Moutarde in Zürich, Switzerland.

• British expat Jon Dunning in Auckland, New Zealand.

• American expat Paul Batt in Taichung, Taiwan.

• And our moderator, American expat James Thomas coming to us from Taipei, Taiwan.

In this opening roundtable, our participants discuss how they became expats along with some of the issues they had to face while adapting to life overseas.

Welcome to our first online Expats Roundtable.

While living life abroad encompasses many of the same challenges one would have to face within their home nation there are surely times when living within an unfamiliar environment and culture can make certain interactions, seen as normal or simple in ones home nation, stressful.

Because nations follow different customs, rules and regulations, the chances of a newcomer becoming overwhelmed easily multiplies.

By understanding why there are differences and learning to adapt, an expat not only can lower their stress, but also appreciate the things within the culture they are living in.

In this program, expats from all over the world in front of a live audience, using video conferencing software, get together to discuss topics related to expat living.

In our Expats Roundtable discussion group, and online get-togethers, expats and future expats can share tips, tricks and experiences to make life abroad more of a positive experience.

Join us and learn that through an expat experience, and an open mind, cultural gaps can be brought together. It is hoped that through an expat’s experience, people can focus on some of the things we all have in common.

- Albert Einstein -

Must not learn to tolerate our differences. We must welcome them as the richness and diversity which can lead to true intelligence.


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