(1) Possible Four Seas, One family questions:

Questions listed below are just an outline of what could be askED.

If you currently aren't in the host country mentioned, questions will be based on your past EXPERIENCES in that host country.

Some questions will not be askED, as they may not be APPLICABLE.

there isn’t any order these questions are to be presented.

Interview Opening:

Note: host country = The current country you reside in now

Where are you from? 

How long have (HAD) you been living in your host country?

Are you alone, friends or family.

(If with children: how are the children adapting, are the children bilingual, ... )  

How did you end up in your host country. 

Did you do any research on your host country before arriving?  

How did you prepare for living in your host country?

Do you speak the local language?

    - How did you learn the local language?

    - Talk about your experiences learning the local language.

    - How do you cope with language issues?

    - Can you recall any interesting interactions when having

      to converse in the local language?

What interesting discoveries you’ve made while living overseas or in your current host country (food, music, shopping, customs, etc…)?

What surprised you the most when you first arrived in your host country?

Are there any local customs, holidays or events that stand             out in your mind? 

    -Issues faced while living in their host country.

    - health, driving, children, traffic, education, food,                      

      language, family, stress, break downs, pets, typhoon days,

      snow days, etc…

What type of recreational activities do you take part in?

After a few months living where you are, how has your perception changed or developed?

How often do you SOCIALIZE with local people you've met?

What do you think are the main reasons for expat success or failures in their new overseas environment?


How do you view interactions with other expats in your 

        expat social circle?

  • How would you classify other expats you meet?

         - Are they ________?

         - localised.

         - internationalised

         - locked in a limited (business or entertainment,     

            etc..) circle

         - How often do you see other expats come and go?

         - Do you come across issues with explaining your     

           experiences overseas with family, friends or others 

           who haven’t been abroad for an extended time?



How do you stay or keep focused from day to day?

Do you feel that you understand the culture of your host country?

How excepting do you feel local people are of you?

How much time did you have to invest in establishing friendships with local people?

How excepting are you of negative feedback you get from locals regarding something you do or did?

Have you ever been in situations with locals where you felt it would be better for you to bite your tongue than to express yourself the way you would normally do back home? (ie: saving face)

Were there any hard adjustments you had to make to live were you are now overseas? 

    - What was the easiest or the hardest adjustments you 

       had to make?

Stop for a moment and think how you envisioned your life overseas before you became an expat?

Do you think living overseas helped or hurt you when dealing with your own personal demons?

How do you maintain contacts with family and friends back home?

Are some people back home not sure where you are?

Are there any stereotypes people back home tell you about of the country you currently live? Have you found yourself having to clear up what they incorrectly thought?

Do you ever get home sick? If so, how do you cope with home sickness or holidays?

Living abroad causes people to change their view of the world. How has it changed you?

How has your experience living abroad changed you and if you had to go back home tomorrow what part of your overseas experience would gladly bring back home?



(2) Extended expat centered questions:

Expats have very different experiences in countries that are vastly different from their home nation (ie: Europe vs. Asia)

Because long term expats see expats come and go, they often will ask new expats these questions.

    - Where do you come from?

    - What do you do or plan to do here?

    - Why did you come here?

    - How long do you plan to stay here?

The answers given to these questions will tell the long term expat if it is worth the time to building a relationship with this new expat.

Interview Closing:

What would you advise people planing to live abroad?

       - What kind of research to do for living overseas.

       - How to prepare for their trip (ie: medical, insurance, ...).

       - How to cope with culture differences.

       - How to relieve stress.


If you have any questions, please let me know. I will not ask every questions. This is just to help you prep. If there is some that you can’t talk about please let me know. The interview is really us having a conversation and experiences overseas. It should be fun.