I’m an American expatriate podcast producer specializing in creating podcasts about expat living all over the world. I’ve been podcasting and videocasting from Taiwan since 2009 about life and culture in Taiwan, Mainland China and Japan. I'm fluent in Mandarin Chinese and attended universities in both Mainland China and Taiwan.

Twitter: @4seas1family

Podcast Goal and Purpose:

The main purpose of the podcast Four Seas One Family is to demystify things surrounding expat living and at the same time show that cultures have more in common than most people think. This requires people to be more open-minded and caring. This podcast opens a path to engagement and understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds. I am glad to see that this podcast is helping expats all over the world share their personal experiences concerning their living and working outside their home nation.

Past Products and Projects:

     I have a background working with international television news networks looking for in-depth information about events happening in Taiwan and the region. 

     I produced a videocast called Four Seas One Family (from September 2013 to October 2014) with well-known Taiwan expat radio DJ and television personality Ron Stuart. I'm also fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Taiwanese talent and a Japanese recording artist making waves to enter in Hollywood. Currently I produce educational video programs for the English language school I own. Also, I’m a freelance video editor.

Some Historical Background:

     I am the creator of the very first English BBS (Bulletin Board System) connected to an international network (Fido Next). I was the first and only chairperson of the Taiwan branch of an international BBS network (GT PowerNet).