Vaccinations to Get Before Travelling or Living Abroad

Vaccinations to Get Before Travelling or Living Abroad

Vaccinating before travelling is necessary to ensure global public health and to help individuals stay healthy and strong during and after their trips.

Expat health has always been a vital public health matter and that’s why the lack of adequate healthcare in some countries drives expats away. Unfortunately, this is a major concern for nations in tropical climates where little or no provisions are made for proper vaccinations. Such regions are like “petri dishes” on steroids for the cultivation of dangerous infectious diseases thereby making the healthy living of expats harder than it could be obtainable elsewhere.

However, some nations do not just encourage vaccinations; they also require them for incoming travellers so that they are able to combat the spread of endemics and track the general medical status of travellers and expats. Also, many international health insurance policies require applicants to receive specific vaccines to qualify for health coverage in a host country.

The reason for requiring vaccines is very simple: expats who receive and accept vaccinations are less likely to be susceptible to vaccine-preventable diseases while travelling abroad. This has indeed saved the insurance company, and thus their policyholders, the costs of treating a preventable disease. All of this is secondary to the experience an expat may have to face while being ill in an unfamiliar overseas location that may lack proper or advanced medical equipment and operational procedures.

One of the most crucial steps when travelling abroad is getting the proper vaccinations. Following government issued vaccination guides concurrently helps to prevent severe health complications while overseas. As expats do stay in a country longer than travellers, it's prudent for them to find out about vaccinations before moving overseas.

A single vaccine-preventable illness could adversely affect a person's wellbeing and quality-of-life by increasing the chances of many residual health complications. Not getting readily available vaccinations may prevent a person from realizing his or her dream of travelling abroad.

Because of the increase of international travellers, many international health insurance policies require expats to receive vaccinations before getting coverage abroad as different countries have different policies and customs. Some countries also require expats to obtain vaccinations before getting a visa.

In general, the CDC recommends all travellers receive the following routine vaccines:

·      Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR)

·      Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis

·      Influenza (administered in the form of an annual flu shot)

·      Poliovirus

·      Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B

·      Typhoid and paratyphoid fever

·      Meningococcal disease

·      Rabies

Malaria, hepatitis A/B and typhoid are common diseases, which you can prevent easily by getting either the right immunization or prophylactic medications. Thus, before you take a step aboard an airplane to travel overseas, think about your health. Remember to get the required vaccinations as listed in the CDC recommends. For more advice, consult your doctor and find out other travel precautions you can take.

For additional regional information check this wiki page:


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