Recent Events of Lately and the Podcast

The following is from a Facebook post:

Hello 4S1F listeners, I have being wondering this recently. The recent events of lately do shows how fast negativity has spread all over the world. Minds have become radicalised to the point of no return. It raises questions to me of why I am trying to promote a podcast to bring people together when the world is pulling itself apart. In the current environment who would want to listen to this podcast? At times, it is a bit depressing. Am I going in the wrong direction with this?

I know negative news sells newspapers and sends TV viewership through the roof. With so much of the negative violent events happening daily we are becoming numb and, in some cases, blind? 

This is why I've been thinking about modifying the format and content of the podcast in a way to attract listeners and at the sometime promote the understanding that people need to get over the hate and come together to make peace.