Thinking Out Loud

When I first started, and then later rebranded in July 2015, the podcast Four Seas One Family, I felt the need as an expat and a citizen of the world to try make communications among those who are thinking about or who are currently living their lives abroad seem less challenging. I hoped, and still do, that others would engage in the goal to make the differences people have in the world less of an obstacle for furthering positive engagements and cooperation. 

With all the recent events currently taking place in the world, there seems to be more emphasis on showing how much we are different than showing how much we are really alike. The results of this brand of thinking has been the catalyst of confusion,  conflict, confrontation and misunderstandings that have formed and fed pockets of fear and outright hatred within certain parts of our societies. The end-come has lead to devastating wars and the deaths of innocent people who weren't interested in confrontation or creating any political or religious alignments and surely the concerns I've raised in some podcast episodes are the direct response of how I see the unwillingness of world leaders and policy makers to unite the peoples of the world.

I understand very well that topics like; how to make money, stay in shape, manage a love affair and how to podcast cover top billings on the Internet. I also know that the topics I cover each episode will never appear on the Internet's top ten podcast list and I have to admit that this has caused me to feel frustrated at times. I want to form Four Seas One Family into a platform where current or future expats can share and learn from each other's experiences abroad. The people I've interviewed or just chatted with shows the adjustments they made to develop a better understanding of their new environment and life overseas. Many have shared the sacrifices they have made along with the struggles they had to face to make their adopted overseas location their home.

Trying to reach a consensus that we are much more alike than different has been an uphill battle for me while hosting this podcast and I now wonder if my present methods of engagement is appealing to those I hope to attract.