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Special Event: 2014 Taipei 48 Hour Film Project

"Taipei 48 Meet n Greet!"" Hey all the filmakers, movieholics!! Listen up!! This Saturday, James and Ron will be talking to Dennis Nieh (聶雲), a renowned host, radio DJ, and also the organizer for the "2014 Taipei 48 Hour Film Project". Wanna know how those talented filmakers make their dream come true in 48 hours?

Four Seas One Family: 24

James and Ron talk to chef Jack Lee, who had long-term culinary training abroad. Jack was born in Taiwan, started learning cooking when he was in Canada, and engaged in advanced studies at The French Pastry School in Chicago. Jack will share his thoughts about cook and the cooking process.

Four Seas One Family: 22

This Saturday (July 19th) from 8 pm to 9 pm, we have a very talented artist to join us, Xhong Kai-Xiang, who made GODZILLA, IRONMAN, and many creatures with "cardboard"... James and Ron will be talking to this genius young artist about how these amazing works were made, and you can join us live on YouTube!

Four Seas One Family: 20

James Thomas, and Ron Stuart will be talking to members of the cast, and director of that movie that everyone is talking about "THE KISS OF LADY X" We'll find out straight from the members of this movie that was featured this past weekend on Taiwan at the "URBAN NOMAD FILM FESTIVAL just what did it take to develop this fine film.

Four Seas One Family: 18

新年快樂! 4 seas1family with a special Year of the horse program as James Thomas and Ron Stuart talk about the New Year, and what they expect of it... Also with special guest, lovely GretaHu! Greta is an aspiring young artist that we think has talent, and believe you will too!

Four Seas Ones Family: 16

Ron and James are happy to have a guest with special connections to Taiwan, Mr. Tony Coolidge. Tony was born in Taiwan to a US military serviceman and a local woman of Atayal descent. Tony shares his Taiwan roots and gives us some insights to the subject matter of his award-winning documentary "Voices in the Clouds."

Four Seas One Family: 14

Ms. Monica Sanchez Duran will be telling us how she has brought the flavor out South America to Taiwan while gaining enormous prestige with her full ensemble of cultural activities, food. and the colorful way of life of the Latino community.

Four Seas One Family: 12

Ron and James are at it again but this time the topic is education in Taiwan with special guest, Lily Chang. Lily shares her thoughts on her personal education and how she and her American husband are raising their child in Taiwan. Join us for this honest, fun, interesting and informative show.

Four Seas One Family: 10

James and Ron sit down and chat with the UK band, Transition. A Bristol based band that writes and sings songs in Mandarin Chinese!

Four Seas One Family: 8

Progressive Chinese language trainer Peggy Lee, of, shares her experiences teaching Chinese with Ron and James.

Four Seas One Family: 6

Mr. Multitask, Tobie Openshaw, hangs out with James and Ronbo.

Four Seas One Family: 4

Once again Ron Stuart and James are back and this time with DJ Jeff.

Four Seas One Family: 2

Cale Jackson in Hualian talking about dinning in Taiwan with James and the man of the hour, Ron Stuart!

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Four Seas One Family: 25

親愛的觀眾朋友們中秋節快樂!"4 Seas 1 Family 四海一家"本週節目將在今天(9/7)晚上8點至9點直播!James和Ron將訪問「大台南39小時拍片競賽」的策展人狄龍(Till DiLumière)及導演維德斯泰騰(Mike Veldstra)!曾拜師於台灣著名的資深攝影師廖本榮老師的狄龍,與出生在台南的荷蘭電影工作者維德斯泰騰,長年在台南致力於以影像記錄的方式推廣台南。 究竟台南吸引他們的地方是什麼?在籌備「大台南39小時拍片競賽」的過程中又有什麼有趣的事呢? Hello everyone! Happy Moon Festival! It is today! James and Ron will be talking to the curator of "The Tainan 39 hour short film contestival"-Till DiLumière and Mike Veldstra are dedicated to promoting Tainan with films. What kinds of interesting things happen during "Tainan 39 hour short film festival"?

Four Seas One Family: 23

"4 Seas 1 Family四海一家"這禮拜邀請到一位經驗豐富的旅行家-張苡絃,旅行超過二十餘國的她,以「人助旅行」為旅行宗旨,在網路上分享旅行經驗,並受邀四處演講。 這禮拜六(7/26)旅居國外多年的James 和Ron,將與張苡絃一同分享並討論對於身為外國人,在異地旅行與工作中,因文化差異產生的衝擊或有趣的事情,做更深入的反思和討論。 所有準備要旅行、已經在國外旅行、喜歡旅行的你,記得鎖定"四海一家 YouTube 頻道"! This Saturday(July 26th) from 8 pm to 9 pm, James and Ron will be talking to Chang, Yi-Hsien(張苡絃), a speaker, famous blogger and experienced traveler, who had traveled over twenty countries.

Four Seas One Family: 21

4 Seas1 Family is now rolling down highway 1 to Taoyuan to Sammy's Diner for a Roadies anniversary party! Sammy has been making food so good it brings you to tears up in the hills of Taoyuan county for years.

Four Seas One Family: 19

Join James and Ron as they talk to award winning wildlife filmmaker Tim Gorski. Learn how Tim is using film media to influance traditional thoughts concerning the wildlife trade as it centers around Asia and it's connection to the rest of the world.

Four Seas One Family: 17

Welcoming back the new, and exciting band Norasays back to the airwaves! The classy rockers have a brand new album and James Thomas, "Norasays" and Ron Stuart are going to talk about it!

Four Seas One Family: 15

Join us as Ron and James are back again with a sit down with long time South African expat Tobie Openshaw to talk about the legacy of the great Nelson Mandela.

Four Seas One Family: 13

James and Ron are back and this time with a very special guest, Taiwanese born stuntman and actor, Fernando Chien. Fernando is a highly skilled actor and martial artist who has appeared in many US television and international movie releases (Bunraku, Warrior, Pirates of the Caribbean and Fast Five,..the list goes on).

Four Seas One Family: 11

Join Ron and James as they chat it up with talented Taiwan born actress Iyin Landre. Find out how she Kickstarted her movies "Me + You". Don't forget to visit her website

Four Seas One Family: 9

Ron chopping down on a moon cake. Happy Moon Festival.

Four Seas One Family: 7

She can do it all. Monica Hsueh talks about women empowerment and health with Ron and James

Four Seas One Family: 5

Blonde Ron with James flexing with Daniel Wu.

Four Seas One Family: 3

Royal Choiu of Liquid Lifestyle in Taipei kicking it with Ron Stuart and James.

Four Seas One Family: 1

James and Ron in Taipei having a fun time with Austin Yeh in Pingdong!