The Expats Roundtable

Blogging and, especially, podcasting have now come of age and is today used as a platform for once unheard of voices that were far in the distance and deep beneath the noise of the networked broadcasters. Today bloggers and podcasters can make their voices heard without needing high and often over-priced entry gear and administrative tools.

Creating a blogging or podcasting group or network isn’t anything new or unique. Most groups and networks are centered on topics that consumers of their content are “culturally-bound” and  collectively interested in (ie.: sports, politics, finance,..). There isn’t anything wrong with is. However, very few of these “home-only" based bloggers and podcasters are able to look at their “home nation” from the outside in the same way as expat bloggers and podcasters can from their positions abroad. From their overseas perspective, expat bloggers and podcasters can offer a unique point of view not easily observed by individuals or media in their home nation.

As a long-term expat podcaster and consumer of on-line media, I have heard and seen how many non-expat bloggers and podcasters aren’t able to connect to situations and topics outside their nations, cultures or “broadcast positions”. They are not to be in any way blamed for this. The same goes for many who consume the content they create or produce. This is simply a collective issue with individuals who don’t or aren’t able to travel outside their home nation to interact with people from different backgrounds, races and cultures. This is a fact and why I want to create a platform where expat bloggers and podcasters can exchange ideas and experiences, which could indirectly and positively influence the thinking of people in their home nations as well. I am forming, what I call, "The Expats Roundtable" ( Loosely based on Ray Ortega's Podcasters Roundtable group). I'm working to create collaborations with other expats located in different parts of the world to form on-line discussions about expat life and events affecting the world.  In the long run, that these types of collaborations can facilitate new ways of thinking and diminish misunderstandings between not only those who are taking part, but also consuming the content produced by each member. An added benefit of this type of gathering is the creation of direct and easy cross-promotion among members.

"The Expats Roundtable" will be based on the following:

  1. Members are to be expats who currently live abroad or “former expats” who have returned to their "home country(ies)" but have lived “long-term” overseas before.
  2. Membership is built by introduction from current expat members. The more expats taking part, the more information that could be shared, created and exchanged. This would offer a lot of value.
  3. Roundtables “should” be held every two weeks on-line via Youtube's Google+ Hangouts On-Air platforms at pre-arranged or set times. Different topics or groups specializing in a topic can host shows at different pre-arranged times.  Each roundtable should have a topic that is chosen by members or a recent trend that affects expats domestically or abroad. Let’s use a very informal topic selection process. In fact, more than one topic can be covered at once in a roundtable.
  4. No member is required to take part in any "certain number" of roundtables to be considered a member. However, it is hoped that participation becomes strong and lasting.
  5. In order to help assist in keeping discussions opened and balanced, non-expats maybe allowed to be invited to, and  take part in, on-line and off-line discussions.
  6. The Expats Roundtable group could help drive some interest to members personal or business related websites while, at the same time, keeping the branding of a member's main website(s) separated from The Expats Roundtable group.

NOTE: No MEMBER IS REQUIRED TO pay for the site support, domain or the RSS feed. However, it could become a great resource for at least many expats.


  1. Members should be current or former expats who write a blog post or produce a podcast episode at least once a month.
  2. A “former expat” is defined as someone who has lived abroad for at least two years. Exceptions maybe allowed.
  3. Membered bloggers and podcasters are required to assist in promoting The Expats Roundtable in some way and, if they like, promo other member’s blogs or podcasts as well. It is hoped that the cross promotions will raise awareness of content created and produced by members who may specialize in a niche that other listeners maybe interested in.

CLICK HERE if you are or were recently and expat you and interested in taking part in the The Expats Roundtable online discussions. 

Listed below are tentative links:

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