Tips For Taking Part In Remote Interviews Over The Internet

Everyone involved in a recording would want to sound their very best. 
By following these tips, interviews or discussions should go smoothly and all involved should sound clear. Recording are done over Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts at prearranged times.

1. Make sure that you are recording in a quiet location. Close all windows and turn off any devices that may unexpectedly create noise. 


2. If you are doing an interview that requires video, regardless of what video device you use to capture and transmit your video, try to position yourself in a location that is well lit. Avoid locations that have  bright backlighting, reflections  or  glare coming from directly in front of the camera.

3. Try to record from locations with soft surfaces. Soft surfaces lower  the amount of reflected noise. A location with a rug and hanging drapes will help lower the amount of unwanted reflected sounds.  Reframe from tapping on surfaces that may produce unwanted noise. Also, reframe from swiveling in your chair as that may cause unwanted noise as well.

4. Special attention is needed if you have children, guests or pets at your recording location. Ask everyone at your recording location to remain quiet. In this situation, having a pet temporally relocated to another room or location is advisable. 


5. Use an external microphone. The microphones built into computers will pickup noise that is produced by the computer itself as well as introducing an unwanted hollowness into the recording. Using an inexpensive external USB handheld or headset microphone would allow it to be placed near your mouth while rejecting unwanted noise. 

  • If you are using a headset or earbud microphone, be careful to not allow the microphone to rub up against your clothes or face.

  • Make sure that your microphone isn’t too close to your mouth or in the direct path of the air you exhale. This would cause the sound of your breathing to get into the recording…

6. If hardware and location allows, use a direct wired connection to the Internet. Wifi connections can sometimes drop out causing connection issues…

7.  If you have a cellphone near you, move it away from your recording position and switch to silent or “airplane mode”. Cellphones are known to be the source of radio interference being injected into audio recordings and devices.

9. Turn off background tasks your computer maybe operating. Some programs running in the  background ( i.e.: Dropbox, Browser, word processors, etc.. ) may affect bandwidth and lower computer performance by transfering network data.

10. Having a glass of water near by would allow you to take  quick brief sips if you become thirsty or lips feel dry.   

By following these simple tips, your interviews and discussions should sound clear with unwanted distractions.