Currently, guests are required to connect to use via Skype and the ID: 4S1F. Guests are required to have a working copy of Skype on their computer or call-in device. Guests are required to call into a provided Skype ID/address at least 10 minutes before the time of the scheduled interview because time is needed to make any sound and / or video adjustments. In some situations, a Google Hangouts or FaceTime connection may be used. 

     In order to insure that interviews are not interrupted, guests are required to set their Skype settings to not allow other callers to interrupt a current call in progress.

Guest should use a wired connection to the Internet and shut down other applications on their computers.

     Participants taking part in video streamed programs must make sure that there aren’t any distracting pictures or other objects in view. 

     As most of our shows can last up to an hour, it is important that all guests use a stable Internet connection. The faster the Internet connection you have, the better. 

Guests are advised not to use the build-in microphone on their computers or call-in device as these types of microphones pick up noise from the surrounding area. The use of a dedicated external microphone is suggested. External desktop or headset microphones will help control the amount of unnecessary sounds entering the recording or broadcast.

Guest who are scheduled to take part in video streamed interviews or discussions must make sure that their video camera can produce good clear resolution and that their broadcast position has good forward lighting.

 Long Term Program Host and Guests Outlines:

  1. How often will you be able to do online shows? 

  2. You should plan to do at least one show a week to build up a following.

  3. If you like, an additional show can be created for another topic. 

  4. The more you are on-air; the more of a following can be created.    

  5. This should, in-turn, bring interest to other projects.